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Course overview
  • Course ILM Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship (Leadership for Leaders)
  • Duration 2 years 3 months
  • Start Date September 2023

This programme will help you to develop and lead a team or service to achieve improved results for better patient outcome or staff experience.  You will gain knowledge and skills of how to drive this through organisational change, motivation and staff engagement, whilst setting clear standards and expectations aligned with Trust values.  As part of the programme you will have to undertake a service project which directly aligns to an objective, KPI, CIP or CQUINN with clear measures, outcomes and evaluation.

The main focus of the learning is being able to put learning into practice back in the workplace.  The learning is to improve your own self-awareness, management skills and development through problem solving and decision making.  The course content includes understanding how to lead and manage people, building relationships and understanding your stakeholders, communication at a senior level, operational management, and project management and how to manage finance from an organisational/divisional/departmental level.

A combination of monthly taught sessions, action learning sets, on-line learning, self-directed research, coaching, 360 report and a work-place project.

During the programme this will be done through informal assessment of group discussions and Q&A during class.  Formal assessment through written assignments, development of a portfolio, professional discussions, collation of work-place products and completion of a workplace project aligned to KPI’s, CIP’s or quality improvement for a service or staff group.

At the end of the programme you will also complete End Point Assessment (EPA) conducted by ILM. This consists of an online multiple-choice exam, development of a showcase portfolio, presentation of project, professional discussion and an interview.  These will all be conducted via remote access (Skype) and an online system.

There are no formal entry requirements to come on the programme.  The learner must be working in a role where they are able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge obtained and put into practice within their role.  This would be a senior manager position in charge of an area or a service or aspiring to be so and is already in a manager role.  The learner must be responsible for setting, achieving, and be accountable for department or service level goals and objectives within a Health Care/NHS setting.

The course is of a level where you are expected to be self-motivated to learn. There is a lot of work to do to obtain the diploma so you must be willing and able to put the time and effort into the programme.  You gain great networks and support from fellow colleagues on the programme and to date we have had great success with the outcomes of our learners.  Most have gone on to gain promotions even prior to completion of the programme and speak in high regards to the programme.  If you are looking to progress and/or enhance your current skills with like-minded people from a multi-disciplinary team then this could be the programme for you.