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I studied at the University of Manchester Medical school and was allocated Lancashire Teaching Hospitals for my clinical undergraduate training, first joining the trust in 2006. The supportive and friendly environment allowed me to experience many aspects of medicine and helped me develop my clinical reasoning and understanding of disease management. Since graduation in 2009, I have completed foundation training, core medical training and higher specialty training in Gastroenterology and General internal medicine (with placements in LTH), achieving my certificate for completion of training in August 2019. I was appointed as a consultant at LTH, starting in September 2019 and have taken up an active teaching role, giving back to the undergraduate department who were key to my early development.

Dr Liam Morris, Consultant Gastroenterologist

Year 3 student feedback: 

“When I need advice on how to complete tasks, people are always willing to help which I really appreciate.”

“Consultants supervising us on all the placements I have had have been excellent in knowing what is required of us and facilitating sessions to allow us to get the required experiences etc.”

“Most junior doctors and consultants are very keen to teach and guide us through the cases we come across in the clinics and on the wards.”

Year 4 student feedback:

“Very good teaching and helpful staff on the wards, clinics and theatres”

“Great teaching, all staff are willing to engage with medical students and provide teaching.”

“The Teaching was great by all doctors”

“Saw a wide array of patients and clinics”

“Everyone was really keen to help us and were really lovely to us”

Year 5 student feedback:

“Excellent teaching on medicine block Gastro in Chorley Hospital”

“Fantastic prescribing teaching”

“Revision week was good really well organised”