The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear- Socrates

Here at the Health Academy we are committed to our mission to support the provision of safe, effective and compassionate care through educational excellence. Establishing and maintaining your confidence and trust in our reputation is vitally important to us.

Please review the organizations we are affiliated to, our accreditating bodies and our performance status and achievements. 

Reputation Centre

Educational Performance and Quality Assurance Team

The team's role is to provide a quality assurance facility for all learners and to evidence high quality provision of educational programmes and clinical placements throughout the Trust and at designated external placement providers.  All learners are encouraged to give feedback on their placements so that we can ensure standards are being met and to promote a culture of continuous improvement.  We ask learners about patient care and respond promptly to escalate any concerns appropriately, monitoring and reporting on action plans through to satisfactory conclusion.  We report on compliance to standards set by regulatory bodies and educational institutions, for example the Care Quality Commission, General Medical Council, Health Education England, University of Manchester and University of Central Lancashire.

Learners are provided with regular opportunities to give feedback, via surveys, focus groups or other forums.  They can let us know, in a confidential environment, what they feel works well or not so well, and can provide constructive suggestions for improvement and give their views on patient care.  This feedback is collated and cascaded to placement leads for response and action planning if necessary.

When learner feedback identifies areas for improvements, placement leads are asked for an action plan to enhance the placement experience for future learners.  All action plans are monitored to ensure effective progress.  Any positive feedback is shared with placement leads to acknowledge their successful efforts.  This information also enables us to promote and share good practice with other areas, to enhance overall provision.

The team is responsible for sign posting or collating evidence that the Trust is compliant to relevant standards.  There is a central evidence base and dashboard monitoring process, which enables live status reporting for all speciality placements.  Maintenance of live records and evidence involves close liaison and negotiations with leads throughout the Trust as well as with external monitoring bodies when it is essential to meet reporting and monitoring visit deadlines.

Extensive records are held, including live information on QA contacts, education leads and learners throughout the Trust, support for educational activities provided by consultants, electronic evaluation data from external bodies, internal feedback, monitoring logs against incident reports or action plans awaited, identified hotspots within divisions for monitoring and planning, quality surveillance issues for escalation and external reporting.

The team is based at Chorley Education Centre and can be contacted on 01257 245616:

  • Maggie Wilson, Head of Educational Performance and Quality Assurance‚Äč
  • Jane Brookes, Educational Performance Manager
  • Gail Brindle, Educational Performance Administrator
  • Tracy Goodwin, Quality Assurance Facilitator
  • Jeanette Carroll, Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Edwina Craig, Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Joanne Anderton, Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Tina Flather, Quality Assurance Coordinator