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successful swaps workshop

The Student Welfare and Professional Support (SWAPS) workshop took place last week and was a fantastic success with a great turnout. 

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The afternoon began with Pets for Therapy, followed by lunchtime crafts which staff generously helped with. We then had a presentation from our counsellor, Gary Miles and finished up with a talk from Associate Dean, Dr Fatimah Soydemir. The day was arranged following a meeting with Student Reps and SWAPS and was led by Fatimah and Ellie Spurring who did an amazing job!

The feedback on our students from the Pets for Therapy dog owners was very complimentary. They said that our students were “warm, welcoming, respectful and very interested in how the dogs helped with mental health issues and patients.” They were also delighted by the turnout and are very keen to do this again. They also mentioned that the staff that also came along were “wonderful” and made them feel very welcome.

We must finish off by giving massive thanks to Medsoc for providing the food and refreshments!