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Nurses Graduate with Flying Colours

BNAP graduate nurses

We are celebrating the amazing achievements of our student nurses who have completed an innovative undergraduate degree course, designed to develop more nurses for the future.

The BSc Nursing (Adult) Programme is now in its third year and has been hugely successful, with 9 of the 11 newly qualified nurses securing a permanent job working at our hospitals. The degree is an innovative partnership aimed at increasing the number of nurse placements available.

Karen Swindley, Workforce & Education Director said, “The way in which nurse degree programmes have been historically funded restricts the number of students who can enrol every year.  There is a national shortage of qualified nurses, and demand for healthcare is growing every year.  So we developed a unique partnership with the University of Bolton to increase the number of degree places available, to grow the nurse workforce for the future and ensure we’re able to provide the excellent care with compassion that our local patients deserve.”

The course incorporates a 50% split between theory and practice; however, uniquely it allows students to spend 75% of their time in our hospitals, because a quarter of the academic learning takes place in our Health Academy and in the clinical environment.  The focus on hospital-based study gives our students the advantage of putting theory into practice, applying learning in the real environment, and being able to access a wide range of student support and clinical expertise.

The students are taught in small, personal groups of no more than 30; they are supported by their own clinical nurse tutors and have “skills weeks” prior to their clinical placements on our wards, enabling them to develop the confidence needed to care for our patients under the direct supervision of our fantastic staff. During their final skills week they learn procedures such as venepuncture, cannulation, catheterisation and administration of medications in preparation for their future roles as staff nurses. Graduates who are continuing to work with us will be able to continue on the ward which they have just completed their final placement with in order to make a smoother transition into working life and allow the student to work within their area of interest.

On Friday 5th January 2018, the first cohort to study on this programme will come to the end of their three year course. We will celebrate this achievement with all of the students, their mentors, ward staff, lecturers from the University of Bolton and other senior members of the trust, to commemorate their achievement on their official last day of being a student on the course during a special ceremony held at Preston Hospital.

Bev Duncan, Lead Clinical Nurse Tutor said: “The students have all performed extremely well for the duration of their course and it is a great achievement for us that so many of the students who completed the course will be staying in full time employment with the hospital. The course is growing in size each year with 30 students signed up for the 2018 class.”

Karen Partington, said: “This is a great example of the NHS working in a completely new way to tackle workforce challenges.  We are passionate and committed to developing quality assured education and we have a history of success with the delivery of the undergraduate medical programme.  That so many of graduate nurses have chosen to begin their career with us is testament to the excellence of the teaching programme, and shows that this is a great place to work.”