Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Prior to you starting the academic year we will send you a welcome booklet which contains valuable information about Year 3 in general, placements and useful advice on life as a student in Preston.

Year 3 starts with 1 week of hospital induction where you will learn about your clinical education campus and undergo training in the basic requirements of all staff who work and study within an NHS environment.

5 Clinical Placements will follow. In Blocks 1 and 2 there will be 2 placements of 6 weeks duration each and in Blocks 3, 4 and 5 there will be 3 placements of 4 weeks each. Across the year you will encounter a wide range of patients with multiple conditions. You will all have 1 surgical block and at least 1 complex medicine block over the year. The remainder of placements are in various medical specialties. Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of the busiest large Teaching Hospitals in the UK and has all specialties except cardiothoracic surgery on site. It also houses, among others, the regional centres for oncology, vascular medicine, upper GI cancer surgery, major trauma, and the regional renal centre.

Your supervisors may come from a specialty but will be able to teach you the generic clinical skills appropriate to year 3. We also have enthusiastic curriculum team and student welfare and professionalism (SWAPS). Our clinical placement facilitators (CPFs) will help and support you in the ward environment. We are constantly trying to improve placements and student experience, based on a well-developed feedback system. We also operate a well-established system of teaching awards to reward those tutors who go the extra mile.

The Applied Personal Excellence Pathway (APEP) will follow. You can choose this from a variety of options in many specialties. The final placement is called the Student Selected Clinical Placement (SSCP). This 4-week placement can be in any specialty of your choice. It is an ideal opportunity to explore career interests or to improve in skills that you may feel need more development.

The student experience team has also created an excellent survival guide to help you make the most of your clinical placements.

yeaR 3