Year 5

By this point we know you well, which enables us to provide you with an individually tailored experience, focussed on your success and preparation for practice.  In Semester 1 you will have an 8 week placement set in an acutely ill setting and a GP Practice, to build on your knowledge and understanding of the holistic patient journey.   You will also have a 4 week placement of both Medicine and Surgery.  In Semester 2 you will undertake a Student Assistantship, taking on the role of the Foundation Doctor and also have a variety of choice placements that will guide you through quality enhancement (QEPEP); career pathways (SSCP) and working within a multi-disciplinary team across both acute and secondary care (Population Health).  We assess your competence through work based assessments within the hospital, community, clinical skills and simulation placements and we continually focus on ensuring you are fit to practice in any healthcare environment

year 5