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The Educational Governance Team runs a central facility within The Health Academy, which operates to:

  • underpin the success of The Health Academy by auditing and reporting on the quality of multi-professional education programmes and work-based placements across the Trust
  • monitor compliance against a wide range of national quality standards for education
  • demonstrate visible evidence of The Health Academy‚Äôs commitment to continuous improvement within education.

Please see the related links for the governing bodies that set the standards for Education, as well as the related documents section which has copies of the standards that we audit against.

The team perform two key functions:

  • Quality Assurance focuses on a performance monitoring cycle, obtaining learner feedback, escalating reported risks and co-ordinating remedial action plans.
  • Compliance focuses on auditing educational evidence and performance data against contractual requirements, regulatory monitoring body standards and Trust expectations, highlighting shortfalls and risks.