Leadership and Organisational Development

The Leadership & OD Team are driven, passionate and innovative, seeking to enable others to achieve. Our aim is to deliver a service which equips leaders and managers with the knowledge, tools and support to function effectively in their roles.

Our ambition is to provide a diverse set of programmes that offer colleagues a range of opportunities to grow both in confidence and competence. We also work across the organisation to build high performing teams and culture to enable Lancashire Teaching Hospitals to deliver excellent care with compassion.

There are currently twelve dedicated accredited and non-accredited leadership and management development programmes. This includes but is not limited to ILM Programmes, Consultant Leadership & Stretch Programmes, Talent Management Programme, 360 feedback and Core People Management Skills.

We also work across the organisation and with specific teams to provide ongoing support in the form of Managers Updates, acting as a Team Coach to deliver Team Engagement & Development tool (TED), bespoke team development sessions, individualised one-to-one coaching provision and Leadership Alumni Sessions.

Consultant Leadership Programmes

The Consultant Leadership Development and the Consultant Stretch Programmes have been specifically designed to strengthen leadership skills, to harness learner expertise and actively engage them in the planning, delivery and transformation of their service at whatever stage in their career as a consultant they may be.

In conjunction with:

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Consultant Leadership Development Programme

The Consultant Leadership Development Programme is validated by Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). This means that LTHTR has developed the programme but delivers it as an LJMU validated programme leading to the appropriate LJMU award. It has been awarded by LJMU 20 credits at Masters Level for those delegates who successfully complete all aspects of the programme. In addition the programme also has Continual Professional Development (CPD) approval from the Royal College of Physicians.

The programme is for those Consultants who are new to the role and aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge and understanding of what good leadership means and how it can be applied within their area of work. The programme content continually evolves to reflect the changes in the organisation and wider NHS landscape, this helps to keep the content current and relevant enabling the students to tackle real problems and transfer their learning to the workplace.

The programme has national recognition after winning the Training Journal award for ‘best public sector development programme’. The programme was seen by the judges as an outstanding programme due to the impact the programme has had on enhancing leadership skills and bringing about benefits for the Trust and our patients.

Consultant Stretch – Advanced Leadership Development Programme

The Consultant Stretch – Advanced Leadership Development Programme is for those individuals who are experienced in the role and are aspiring to be senior clinical leaders of the future. It is accredited at Masters Level by Liverpool John Moores University and is designed to be challenging and fast paced that will help to stretch and hone leadership skills and abilities. It will equip senior Consultants with the full range of strategic level leadership skills that will help delegates to take the lead and make a difference.

ILM programmes

The Leadership & OD Team provide a range of ILM Programmes within the trust varying from Level 2 to Level 5.

The ILM 2 is aimed to give practicing or aspiring team leaders a solid foundation in their formal development as a team leader / supervisor.  This qualification aims to build on and broaden the team skills team leaders/supervisors (or those aspiring to be) may already have, raising awareness of the importance of self and team management, communication and change.  Our ambition is that by developing individual, team and task skills of leaders/supervisors we improve staff engagement and retention.

The ILM Level 3 is for team leaders or supervisors in first line management role, with operational and project responsibilities or responsibility for managing a team to deliver a clearly defined outcome. It is recognised that these roles provide direction, instructions and guidance to ensure the achievement of set goals. This is a programme delivered within Lancashire Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust aligned to nationally accredited Standards with the Institute Of Leadership and Management (ILM).

ILM Level 5 is a multi-disciplinary programme for practicing Managers / Service Leads (Aspiring Matron, Matron, SBM, Heads of clinical or non-clinical service, etc.) or it has been identified within their PDR as aspiring towards a senior management role with the ability to conduct duties and responsibilities relevant to the qualification. The programme is delivered within Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and is aligned to nationally accredited Standards with the Institute Of Leadership and Management (ILM).


The Core People Management Skills programme was launched to support the development and subsequent application of the practical skills and knowledge todays managers need in order to successfully manage a team. This includes essential elements across the course of an employee lifecycle such as recruitment, performance management and responding to other challenging situations. The central ambition is to promote and build the programme to reach all managers in relevant posts.


60-degree feedback (often just called 360 feedback) is a method of collecting feedback on an individual’s performance (the appraise) from a variety of people known to that person (raters). Usually these include: colleagues, the line manager, direct reports, the line manager, any other people that the individual may work closely with, the appraise also provides ratings on their own performance. The information collected is in the form of ratings and written comments against a standard framework of behaviours (e.g. the Values, or Leadership in Lancs behaviours)

This information is combined into a report which is then fed back to the appraise in a confidential 1:1 discussion. This is a very important part of the process, as it helps to build meaning and context around the report as well as help the appraise identify areas for development. Further information can be found here.


The programme is aimed at developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of our rising stars in the Trust. Those identified as rising stars via their appraisal are automatically offered a place on the programme.

Team Engagement & Development tool (TED)

The aim of the TED tool is to support team leaders and teams to identify areas of effectiveness and where improvements can be made to improve team working and team engagement. The tool provides you with further resources, tools and guidance about how the team may develop within each of the areas of team working. Further information can be found here.

Enquiries about the services we deliver

We can provide consultancy support and places on our internal programmes to external organisations. Please contact Leadership Leadership@LTHTR.nhs.uk for further information.