Care Certificate Accomplishment

Health Care Assistant (HCA) Training Officers, Amanda Hones and Charlotte Backhouse, have devised a structured Care Certificate training programme which enables employees to be out in their place of work in just 6 weeks opposed to the national target of 12.

Care Certificate at Health Academy

The breakthrough programme was put together to combine both practical and workbook sessions which cover an identified set of standards as set by Skills for Health, Health Education England and Skills for Care.

From the onset of employment at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, new Health Care Assistants are placed on a two and a half week induction which covers the majority all of the standards as set out by the Certificate. The following three weeks are then spent in practice to achieve competencies such as washing and dressing patients, serving meals and helping to feed patients and helping people to move around.

HCA’s are then pulled back to the education team to sign off their competencies in their workbook.

97% of HCA’s at the Health Academy pass within 6 weeks of their formal induction. This is unique to Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and is due to the skilled structured timetabling by Training Officers Amanda and Charlotte. It’s their support and dedication that prepares new HCAs for a role in health care and achieve a nationally recognised certificate.

The programme has stirred up much interest from other Trust’s looking to enhance their own syllabus, with a representative from the Department of Health and our very own Chief Executive, Karen Partington participating on taster days to experience it!

“We’ve had some really positive feedback from Health Care Assistants that have heard about the course off their peers and they have said its lived up to their expectations of fully preparing them for a career in care,” said Amanda. “Some trainees have specifically chosen Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust because they know it’s such a robust route to achieving the Certificate. They know that when they are placed in the ward, they will be prepared.”

The Health Care Certificate is also a great stepping stone for those wishing to advance a career in health care aside from the traditional university route. Experienced HCA’s can move on to become Trainee Assistant Practitioner, leading with experience to eventually study to become a health care professional such as a nurse, physiotherapist or dietician.