Driving Education Forward

The Health Academy is once again at the forefront of innovative educational practices with the arrival of a Simbulance, a decommissioned ambulance that will enable the simulated treating of a patient whilst in the vehicle.  

The Simbulance includes all the usual equipment you would expect to find in an ambulance to allow the recreation of medical situations that might typically occur. The vehicle will also be rigged with 4G cameras that will not only enable the training to be filmed and recorded to allow feedback but also streamed live to an observing peer group.

Health Academy Simbulance

The Simbulance arrives at an opportune time as the Human Factors & Simulation Team are rolling out their new course, Safe Critically Ill Transfer Training. The one-day course was developed to ensure the same high-level of care is practised and maintained through the transfer of a critically ill patient from one hospital through to another and now with the arrival of the Simbulance, this can now take place whilst on the move. The Simbulance will also mean that multi-agency training can now take place with private hospitals, the Military, Mountain Rescue and Coastguards hiring the unit.

´╗┐To find out more about the Simbulance or for availability, please contact the Simulation Unit.
Call: 01772 524850
Email: Lancashire.Simulation@LTHTR.nhs.uk