Free Care Certificate Training for Nursing Homes

The Health Academy at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is working collaboratively with Nursing homes and Care homes around the North West to offer free Care Certificate training.

Recent inspections by the Care Quality Commission realised a need for education and training within the Care Home environment with many establishments being rated as inadequate. As a result, Health Care England have provided us with funding for up to 50 places this year.

Health Care Assistants and Support Workers from Care Homes across the region are being invited in to the Health Academy to complete the training. Each training course consists of five sessions, with each session lasting one day with the course generally being completed within a 6 – 8 week period. Topics include Essential Nursing Care, Fluids & Nutrition, Basic Life Support, Acute Kidney Injury & Sepsis awareness.

Care Certificate Training for Nursing Home staff provided by Health Academy

The response has been exceedingly positive with comments from attendees such as, “It was very interesting and well taught whilst fun at the same time” and “I learnt how to properly wash and treat a bed bound service user.”

“We’re delighted with the reception the training has received”, said Joanne Moore, Health Care Assistant Training Officer. “We’ve had staff from care homes attend from all across Lancashire and they’ve really enjoyed the experience of running through the framework sessions of the Care Certificate. We still have availability for courses throughout the year so if anyone is interested in attending, please get in touch. “