Leadership and Organisation Development Team

We equip our leaders with the knowledge and skills to support their teams.  We also work across the organisation to build high performing teams and culture to enable Lancashire Teaching Hospitals to deliver excellent care with compassion. 

  • ILM Management Development Programme

    "I would recommend an aspiring team leader to do the ILM course. You’ll learn things from how to be a team leader to diversity. All very informative."

  • ILM Management Development Programme

    "I found it interesting to learn how the different leadership style impact on a team and how feedback is an important part of motivating a team. Additionally the problem solving and making decisions was invaluable"

  • Coaching

    “I’ve found it really useful to challenge myself to think differently and I’ve already made some changes.”

    “ I really did find it useful and got a lot from it in terms of understanding my role and how to consider things differently, amongst other things”

  • 360 Facilitation

    “I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for facilitating my 360 degree feedback on Tuesday. I did come away feeling very positive and motivated to keep pushing forward. The way that you conducted the feedback was excellent and although we may have digressed at times it has really helped me to refocus”

  • 360 Train the Trainer

    “Thanks for yesterday, I really enjoyed it and felt the practice session was a great opportunity to put the learning into practice, even it was a tad nerve wracking! I am looking forward now to putting these skills in practice.”

  • Consultant Leadership Development Programme

    "I am more insightful regarding management and leadership issues following my attendance on the Consultant Leadership Programme"

    "I have changed my approach to leadership and the Consultant Leadership Programme has given the insight required to take on the leadership scenarios I encounter in day to day work"

  • Senior Management Leadership Development Programme

    "It has been one of the most challenging and exciting things I have done and I am very grateful for the opportunity"

    "I now have greater confidence in my skills and abilities and greater understanding of my influence on others and how this can be nurtured to win hearts and minds"

  • Team Development Session

    "Our facilitator was calm, astute and a deep listener - exactly what we needed"

  • Talent Management Programme

    "I really enjoyed the Talent Management programme.  I think the structure is great and found it really useful in providing clarity of where I need development and also exactly where I am strong"