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To access each Team/Ward Area needs to fill in the attached CSV and include a super user within the team (i.e. LEM). The super user can access assessment results etc.  Please download the following CSV file.


Once the CSV file has been completed please return the file to  After staff have been set up with access, they will need to follow the below instructions to activate their account.

To activate your account, please follow these steps

  1. Go to the login page:
  2. Under the section titled “Login with a username and password”, enter in the user name/email field – either your trust email address or your employee  number and in the password field your initial password – Sharoe1
  3. You will land in the Profile page of your clinicalskills.netaccount, here you must change your password from Sharoe1 to something more personally memorable as follows:
    1. enter Sharoe1 in the Current password field
    2. enter a new password personally memorable to you – then enter it again to confirm the password you will use going forward
    3.  tick the box to accept the terms and conditions
    4. click Save
  1. You will then land in your Dashboard, from here you can access all Procedures, add personal notes, access the NMC CPD and Reflective account templates (tools for revalidation), find tests at Take a Test and your personal history within your account at My Performance and CPD