Undergraduate Teaching Awards Ceremony

Last month we were delighted to hold an Undergraduate Teaching Awards Ceremony, a chance to recognise all those involved in Undergraduate Teaching. The results were chosen by the students and below is a full list of categories and the winners, plus a few wonderful snippets of why they nominated!

“Congratulations  Lynne Walker on another great year! The students consistently reported amazing feedback in the year 4 Focus groups. Students say “Lynne is amazing, very supportive and goes out of her way help”

Congratulations Dr Haughton on the award of Best Clinical Teaching. The year 3, year 4 and year 5 students were asked to vote as part of an end of year survey. They described you as “amazing”, “supportive” and your teaching is of a “very high standard”

“Congratulations  Tracy Spence! According to QA feedback you have consistently been praised by the students. They have really appreciated your support and  excellent organisational skills. The students describe you as “brilliant”, “amazing”, “very helpful” and stated that “every placement needs a Tracy” 

Congratulations to everyone involved!

Undergraduate Teaching Awards



Best clinical Teaching


1st place – Dr Andrew Haughton

2nd place – Dr Simon Belderboss

3rd place – Mr Rory McCloy

Presented By Professor Madhavi Paladugu, Hospital Dean

Best Allied Health Professional

1st place – Shahid Tagari

2nd place – Anna Adams

3rd place – Lisa Cocker

Presented by Karen Partington, Chief Executive

Innovation Award


Preston Surgical Society Committee (Mark Woodward)

Presented by Karen Swindley, Workforce & Education Director

Best APEP Supervisor

Year 3

Professor Madhavi

Presented By Dr Aimun Ahmed

Best APEP Supervisor Year 4

Dr Alison Gale

Presented By Dr Aimun Ahmed

Best Teaching Placement Year 3:

1st place -  Cardiology led by Dr Kumar

2nd place – Surgery led by Mr McCloy

3rd place – Surgery led by Mr Zelhof 

Presented by  Joe McKay MedSoc Chairman 2017/18

Best PBL Facilitator Year 4:

1st place – Lynne Walker

2nd place – Harry Tucker

2nd place – Nick Mullin

Presented by  Mark Woodward MedSoc Committee member

Best Teaching Placement Year 4:

1st place – Orthopaedics led by Mr Kumar

2nd place – Obs &Gynae led by Fatima Soydemir

3rd place –  Neurology led by Dr Majeed

Presented by Arun Arora, MedSoc Chairman 2016/2017

Best Year 3 TCD facilitator:

1st place –Dr Andrew Haughton

2nd place – Dr Gail Lumsden

2nd place – Dr Rachel Howarth

Presented by Lizzie Rawlins Medsoc committee member

Student impact award

1st place – Lynne Walker

2nd place – Dr Andrew Haughton

3rd place: Dr Jonathan Goodfellow (FY1)

Presented by Professor Mark Pugh, Medical Director

Best FY1/FY2

1st place – Will Flesher

2nd place – Josh Fasuyi                     

3rd place –  Tom Bolton / Jack Shurmer/ Lauren Edge

Presented by Dr John Howells, Foundation Programme Director

Best Revision Session

1st place – Jack Shurmer

2nd Place – Lynne Walker

3rd place – Laura Yell

Presented by  Chloe Ackrill, MedSoc Committee member 2016/17

Student Achievement award Year 3

1st place – Kyle Hallas

2nd place – Joshua Withers

3rd place – Duangkaew Jittasaiyapan & Sharmista Roy 

Presented by Prof Alex Woywodt, Year 3 Associate Dean

Student achievement Year 4

1st place – Olivia Holtermann Entwistle

2nd place – Holly Gibson

3rd place – Eleanor Baker

Presented by Dr Minal Singh, Manchester Medical School

Non Clinical Staff

Tracy Spence

Presented by Dr Colin Lumsden, Manchester Medical School