Blended Learning

The ethos and approach of the Blended Learning team is to utilise a consultancy style from the initial concept to production and then through to final delivery, ensuring each client has a modern, engaging solution which benefits the individual, the team and the organisation.

The team aims to work proactively alongside commissioners to develop bespoke, engaging, high quality multimedia content and innovative, stretching blended learning courses and programmes which may be used to educate, engage or communicate.

One of the underlying goals of the Blended Learning Team is to challenge the existing styles and approach to video and online learning, with a view to significantly raising the production quality on all content produced and finding different, creative mechanisms to achieve the end goal. The approach of the team is focused on excellent customer care and high quality production.

The team will strive to ensure that video is contemporary, well shot and expertly edited in addition to developing advanced graphic, animation and blended learning solutions.