Clinical Placements

What are clinical placements?

We have clinical placements available to our Undergraduate medical students in the following areas:
  • Medicine

  • Surgery

  • Orthopaedics (MSK) including Rheumatology

  • Neurology

  • ENT

  • Ophthalmology

  • Women’s Health (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

  • Child Health (Paediatrics)

  • Dermatology

  • Breast

  • Oncology

  • Ageing Health

  • Stroke

  • Mental Health


Clinical Placements provide Undergraduate medical students with the opportunity to observe a clinical team and allows them the ability to apply their knowledge, practice their skills and reflect on their developing attitudes, all within an environment that has a teaching/learning culture.  All staff are there to help and support and we have dedicated Clinical Placement Supervisors on each placement who guide the students through their learning objectives.


Whilst on their clinical placement, students have to bear in mind that they are learning in an extremely busy working environment, working with staff who always prioritise patient safety however, students on their clinical placements can always expect support and guidance as long as they are pro-active, seeking appropriate learning opportunities and becoming independent learners. 


Placement Support


Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has a proud reputation of providing excellent support to the students in the clinical environment in the form of Clinical Placement Facilitators (CPF’s). The facilitators are experienced nurses or midwives, who ensure an optimal learning experience is achieved in the clinical setting and placement standards are maintained. CPF’s work with the students and clinicians whilst on their clinical placement,  facilitating ward based teaching, assessing students and providing feedback. 


We currently have CPF’s supporting all the placements listed above.  The Mental Health placement takes place within Lancashire Care Trust. Find out more about them here. 



Year 3 and 5 CPFs

Yvonne Thomson

yvonne thompson

Year 3 and 5 Clinical Placement Facilitator Lead

Rachel McDaid

rachel mcdaid

Year 3 and 5 Clinical Placement Facilitator

Charlotte Clavell-Bate

Charlotte Clavell-Bate

Year 3 and 5 Clinical Placement Facilitator

Lauren Walker

lauren walker

Year 3 and 5 Clinical Placement Facilitator

Paul Scarr


Year 3 and 5 Clinical Placement Facilitator

Year 4 CPFs

Sue Rowlands

sue rowlands

Year 4 Clinical Placement Facilitator

Women's Health - Breast and Oncology

Jane Crowther

jane crowther

Year 4 Clinical Placement Facilitator

Paediatrics, Dermatology & Infectious Diseases

Alison McDougall

alison mcdougall

Year 4 Clinical Placement Facilitator 

Neurosciences/Ageing And Complex Health

Kate Cookson

kate cookson

Year 4 Clinical Placement Facilitator (Lancashire Care)

Mental Health 

To Be Confirmed


Year 4 Clinical Placement Facilitator

Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, ENT & Ophthalmology