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Thank you for your interest in our previous events. On this page you will be able to access recordings of our previous masterclasses and education events. Click on the links below to view each recording. Don’t forget to check out our ‘Upcoming events page’ to see what live events we have planned. You will be able to sign up to attend events on this page.

Stereotactic Radiotherapy  (SABR)  – 24/02/2021

Genomics Masterclass – 31/03/2021

Providing better care for LGBTQ+ Cancer Patients Masterclass – 25/05/2021

Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression (MSCC) Masterclass -15/09/2021

Cancer Champions Event- Safety Netting  24/09/2021

Brain Masterclass – 27/10/2021

Head and Neck Masterclass – 11/11/2021

Lung Cancer Awareness Event – 15/11/2021

Geriatric Oncology Masterclass 19/01/2022

End of Life Care Masterclass 10/05/2022

Brain Masterclass 25/05/2022

Non-Clinical Cancer Champions Education Event 14/06/2022