Introduction to Employment Programme

From July to September 2017 there were 857,000 young people (aged 16 to 24) in the UK who were not in education, employment or training (NEET). This is an increase of 14,000 from April to June 2016 and up 3,000 from 2015. The end of the academic year could be well be contributing factor to the increase however the number is still a concern due to educational placements and employment opportunities being sourced at this time.

Nearly half (43%) of all young people in the UK who were NEET were looking for work and available for work and therefore classified as unemployed. The remainder were either not looking for work and/or not available for work and therefore classified as economically inactive. 12% of all young people classed at NEET are in the North West.

As a large organisation and one of the largest employers in the North West we have a social responsibility to support young people into employment and with this in mind, we have developed a programme for NEET students.


Programme aims
The world of work and employment will be completely new to many young people due to the fact that they are just leaving education. They will not be used to a working routine and may not have realistic expectations of what the working ethos looks like. This programme will aim to provide work based placements fully supported by Trust staff where skills associated with a job role as well as employment can be gained.

Placements will be identified within the NHS support services including catering, portering services, domestic services and healthcare support. Every placement area will have staff members who will be assigned to support young people taking part on the programme.

The programme will expect the young people to attend for 30 hours each week for 6 weeks; working hours will be in accordance with Government policy relating to age.

Benefits of the programme will include work experience and a reference for the successful candidate.

Introduction to Employment programme

Programme specification
Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will offer 10 placements to young people classed as NEET. The program will start with a mandatory Trust induction and each placement area will have its own local induction to complete prior to commencing their placement. Each young person will be subject to HR employability checks as per trust policy. DBS checks may be required depending on the placement area requirements.

The program will take young people through a range of skills associated with being employed including expectations of good timekeeping reliability and willingness to learn about the job role. Successful candidates will receive a good reference in order to improve their chances of gaining successful employment. Subject to availability of vacancies within the trust successful candidate will be guaranteed an interview into suitable posts. Suitable unsuccessful candidates may also be considered for the appropriate trust bank. At the end of the program and awards ceremony will be held with successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion.

For further information regarding the programme, please email Brittany Mollart at