Stroke Training Programme for Physicians, Specialist Nurses and Practitioners

A 12 month Programme that aims to deliver Clinical, Neurological and Imaging Training to Specialist Nurses, Therapists and Practitioners in Stroke who would like to improve their acute clinical assessment skills, Image-reading skills, Neuro-assessment skills and Clinical-Communication Skills

Structured Clinical, Neurological and Imaging Training led by a Consultant Physician

Half-Day Face-to-Face Training per month, 12 months a year.

Module 1: Clinical Skills

Assessment and Clinical Diagnosis of Hyper-acute Stroke,  Stroke, Common Stroke Mimics,  TIAs and TIA mimics
Clinical-history taking in the context of Stroke, TIA and stroke/TIA -mimics
Clinical Examination including all systems, ECG reading skills
Clinical-Documentation – Stroke documentation; TIA documentation

Module 2: Thrombolysis

Assessment and selection of patients for thrombolysis, administering thrombolysis, monitoring patients who undergo thrombolysis, Brain Imaging pre and post-thrombolysis
Selection of patients for Clot-retrieval and post-thrombectomy care of patients
Detecting and managing thrombolysis and thrombectomy related complications

Module 3: Neurological Skills

NIHSS, Neurological Examination in the context of Stroke/TIA, Mimics and other neurological disorders; Neurological Differential Diagnosis.

Module 4: Imaging Skills

 Neuro-anatomy and Physiology, Brain Imaging for Stroke, TIA and Mimics, Brain Imaging for common brain disorders, CT and MR in Stroke, Chest X-ray for common disorders, Chest X-ray for NG tube placement

Below is an example of a video which is used for training purposes throughout the programme. 

If you'd like further information about the programme, please contact Dr Shuja Punekar using the contact details on the right.