New Online Induction Programme

The Blended Learning and Organisational Development Teams have created an online version of the Corporate Induction programme which can now be completed by new starters prior to them joining the Trust. Corporate Induction provides essential information about the organisation which includes our values and it prepares new team members for their first day at work. Historically there has been a requirement for new colleagues to attend Corporate Induction on their first day here at the Trust yet face to face induction sessions only take place on a monthly basis. This can sometimes mean we don’t get new colleagues into the organisation as quickly as we (and they) might like to and leads to a delayed start date. The e-Learning module will help speed up the enrolment process getting people into their new roles quicker, it also provides greater flexibility in offering staff a choice about how they wish to learn the information they need to know in order to help them settle in.

New online induction for LTHTR

Mandy Davis, Blended Learning Manager said “We are thrilled to be able to offer this flexible alternative to new team members joining the Trust. It has been quite a significant project to undertake so we’re really pleased it has now been tested out and launched. We’re hoping it will make a positive difference to help speed up the process of getting our newly appointed staff in to the Trust.”

Head of Mandatory Education, Kenny Lyon said, “Being able to provide an induction prior to their first day at work gives us an opportunity to make new colleagues feel welcome and to be confident that we are ready and looking forward to them joining us as part of our organisation.”