Medical students training to become bank Health Care Assistants

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Health Academy have been busy training medical students to become Health Care Assistants (HCA). The training scheme, which has been running for several years, has seen an increase in demand for HCA training. To help support this demand, the Undergraduate Clinical Skills team have recently stepped in to support the training team.


Medical students are being offered fast track training to become bank health care assistants. Bank staff have the flexibility to choose when they want to work to suit their lifestyle and schedule. This offers students an ideal source of income as they gain experience working in the NHS and develop their understanding of patient holistic care.


Christopher Parry discusses the team’s decision to support the fast-track scheme:

“The undergraduate team within clinical education training have taken over the Health Care Assistant bank training for students. We offer full HCA training to students that is run alongside the students timetable to ensure that it does not affect their studies”


Angela Siddiqui supported this statement by saying that:

“The bank health care assistant training has been a success so far. The students enjoy training on equipment such as the hoist and they appreciate the new skills that they are taught, as it enables them to have a better understanding of other roles in the hospital. Bank staff is a great and flexible option for those with external commitments”


If you would like to apply to become a health care assistant and you are not currently a learner at the Health Academy, please visit NHS jobs.

Medical students training to become bank Health Care AssistantsMedical students training to become bank Health Care Assistants