New Resuscitation Trolley Software to Improve Reporting!

Exciting change is happening across the trust as the Resus and Simulation Team begin their roll out of the new Resuscitation Trolley recording software, My Kit Check.

The platform, which has already been rolled out in five departments across the LTH sites, is set to revolutionise the maintenance of the current paper-based Resuscitation Trolley organisation checklist.

But why is the change needed? Not only can the paper-based system be difficult to keep track of both from an admin and compliance perspective but it is also time consuming.

Speaking with one of the roll-out leads, Neil Howarth, he believes that My Kit Check is the solution to a number of existing problems and is convenient and simple for staff to use. He says, ‘that the software saves thousands in wages and time.’

With Real-Time Compliance Data, after an initial set up, with the My Kit Check software maintenance of the trolleys is reduced to a simple monthly tick box, in addition to the daily housekeeping. With notifications alerting staff to any missing or expired items with up to twenty-eight days’ notice, allowing team members to focus on the real work that needs doing as opposed to being stuck doing paper checks.

Whilst also allowing admin settings so that senior members of staff can overview the trolley checks are running smoothly.

The kit is ideal for all staff, with unique log ins available for every member of the team and the ability to personalise your checklist and updates depending on the individual needs of the ward. My Kit Check is accessible both via desktop and on mobile devices, meaning that it is as easy to use on the go for the days that computers are not available.

We are hoping for a full roll out of the My Kit Check software across the sites by Autumn and cannot wait to share the changes with all wards.

Are you interested in your ward being amongst the first to make the change? Contact the resus and simulation team on to book your tutorial with Kim and Neil and keep your eyes peeled for the team’s upcoming demonstration event.