Undergraduate Teaching Awards 2022

On 6th December 2022, the Trust held the annual Undergraduate medical education Teaching Awards for academic year 2021/22.  These are student led awards and are always well received by the personnel who support the students daily on their clinical placements, as well as those who support them in their group or individual teaching sessions.


This event was led by our own Hospital Dean, Prof Madhavi Paladugu who is also a Consultant Paediatrician within the Trust.  She welcomed all attendees and gave an overview of the academic year, reiterating the great work that has continued within the Trust during the Covid pandemic.  As we move out of the pandemic and back to our new ‘normal’, it was recognised how the medical students have risen to the challenge of continuous learning throughout a pandemic and how it has helped them to build their resilience and drive, to become our doctors of the future.


Also in attendance was Prof Margaret Kingston, Director of Undergraduate Medical Studies within the Division of Medical Education in the School of Medical Sciences at Manchester University.  Margaret spoke about the importance of the Awards and the important links we have as a Clinical Education Campus to the Manchester University medical school.


Mr Kevin McGee, our Chief Executive; Karen Swindley, our Chief People Officer and Educational Workforce Director and Prof Paul O’Neill, Trust Board Chair were in attendance.  They all spoke highly of the educational commitment at LTHTr and the role the Awards play in supporting the Educators and multiprofessional Teams.


Also in attendance were the Undergraduate Year Associate Deans:  Dr Fergus Jepson, Year 3; Dr Ruth O’Connor, Year 4; Dr Keiarash Kazemi-Jovestani, Year 5; members of the STAPS Team; the winners and runners up and their Team members and medical students, including medical students from MedSoc.


There are various category of Awards for the Clinical Teams, clinical and non-clinical staff etc to be awarded and there was also big congratulations to all the Departments within the Trust who had achieved the Manchester University medical school Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, with the Gold Award being awarded to:


  • Year 5: Critical Care and Acute Anaesthetics Department.


The Silver Award being awarded to:

  • Year 5: Emergency Department; Oncology; MUA; SAU; Orthopaedics; Colorectal; Urology; Vascular; Respiratory; Gastro
  • Year 4: MSK; Child Health; Mental Health; Women’s Health; Neurology; ENT; Ageing and Complex Health; Dermatology
  • Year 3: Critical Care; Oncology; Renal; Endocrine


The Bronze Award being awarded to:

  • Year 5: Endocrine; Upper GI; Cardiology; Renal
  • Year 4: Ophthalmology; Oncology; Breast; Infectious Diseases
  • Year 3: Gastro; Endocrine; Cardiology; Respiratory; Colorectal; Urology; Upper GI; Vascular


A very big THANK YOU was also given to each and everyone of the Trust’s employees involved in delivering the Undergraduate medical education programme.