Resus Team introduce REACT

The Resuscitation Team have recently initiated a new training tool to enable 3rd year student nurses to become exposed to real-life cardiac arrest clinical situations in order to advance their learning. REACT (Resuscitation Emergency Assessment Clinical Teaching) facilitates learning through response to real 2222 emergencies, where students respond as part of the CRASH Team, carrying a cardiac arrest emergency pager.

Should there be an incident, the student urgently leaves the ward they are on placement in and meets a Resuscitation Officer at the location of the cardiac arrest /medical emergency. Here they can experience and be involved in the emergency; gaining an understanding of the true pressures, skills and human factors involved in a lifesaving scenario. This is something that even the most high-tech of simulation units - which the Health Academy has - would struggle to replicate.

Resuscitation training by health academy, lancashire teaching hospital

Stephen Clift, Head of Resuscitation and Simulation, said, “REACT is a new concept, it has been implemented in line with the great work the Trust has been doing around the reduction of cardiac arrest. REACT allows students to learn about the realities of emergencies, grow their skills and personal understanding of how they themselves will REACT in these types of emergency situations. These scenarios are pivotal to a student nurses education as well as safety of our patients long term”.

The practice was only rolled-out three weeks ago but there has already been some extremely positive feedback with students stating, “my adrenaline was pumping, it has massively helped me understand how I focus in this situation”, “this is not like a classroom, you learn more about emergency care following one call than I ever thought possible”, “scary scenario, made supportive by a truly exceptional CRASH Team”, “loved it, it’s not like TV”.

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