GMC National Surveys 2024 – all you need to know!

It’s that time of year again, the national GMC surveys are being relaunched for 2024 and here is everything that we think that you need to know about it.

What are the GMC Surveys?

Each year, the General Medical Council run two surveys concurrently, the National Training Survey (NTS) and the Trainer Survey.

These surveys have been developed to monitor and review the quality of postgraduate medical education and training in the UK, whilst identifying any areas for potential improvements. They are mandatory and must be completed by every doctor in training and every Clinical and Education Supervisor who have studied or taught within this past calendar year.

They ask specific questions about the programme they are following on the census date, which this year is Tuesday 19th March 2024.

One of the key objectives of the GMC’s implementation plan for the recognition and approval of trainers is to “enhance the perceived value and visibility of the training role and focus attention on the professional time needed and on the transparency of the resources available”.

The GMC have been provided with information about the programme, post, grade and local education provider (LEP) all doctors are in on this date. All questions should be answered with regard to this census date.

Even if you have rotated into another role by the time of the survey, the answers should be about your experiences in the post you were in on 19th March 2024.

When is the survey?

Both the postgraduate doctor in training and Trainer survey open on Tuesday 19th March 2024 and run for 6 weeks until closing on Thursday 2nd May 2024.

The GMC have since extended the deadline meaning the survey is open until midday on Thursday, 16th May.

Are the surveys mandatory?

All those eligible should complete the GMC survey.

It is considered a professional obligation of all postgraduate doctors in training to provide this vital feedback on their education and training experiences.

A unique code is provided at the end of the survey to provide evidence of completion.

Who needs to complete the trainee survey?

You are required to complete the survey if, on the census date (19/03/2024), you are:

  • In foundation, core, specialty, or general practice training
  • In fixed term (FTSTA) or locum (LAT) appointments
  • In military, clinical lecturer or academic clinical fellowship training posts
  • Working either within the NHS or in a non-NHS organisation
  • F2 trainees completing additional General Practice training
  • On out of programme training on approved UK training programmes at another NHS England local office (OOPT-UK)
  • Post-CCT on sub-specialty training

You are not required to complete the survey if, on the census date (19/03/2024), you are:

  • Past your CCT date but not on sub-specialty training
  • On maternity, paternity or adoption leave
  • Out of programme training outside of the UK (OOPT trainees within the UK are required to complete it)
  • Out of programme on research (OOPR), experience (OOPE) or a career break (OOPC)
  • On long term sick leave
  • A Dentist
  • A non-medical public health trainee (a separate survey is run)
  • A Doctor who is NOT in training posts e.g. locum appointment for service (LAS) and trust grade doctors
  • Following a Medical Training Initiative (MTI) programme

Who needs to complete the trainer survey?

As in previous years, the GMC will be running the trainer survey alongside the postgraduate doctor in training survey.  The timescale and access (via GMC Online) is the same as the postgraduate doctor in training survey, but the questions and results will take a different format.

The GMC trainer survey is for named Clinical and Educational Supervisors, those who have been trained to oversee a postgraduate doctor in training’s clinical or educational progress through a placement or series of placements.

As with the postgraduate doctor in training survey, the responses received from trainers will be analysed, and will provide useful information for NHS England and other stakeholders which can improve the support and resources available to trainers.

Trainers should also check that the postgraduate doctors in training they supervise have completed their survey.

How should the survey be completed?

From 19th March, your survey should be available via GMC Online: You should complete the relevant survey as early as possible in the survey period.

The first step is to validate the census information that NHS England NW has provided to the GMC. If a change is necessary, this will result in a short delay whilst we confirm the details.

What if you are unable to login?

If you are having trouble logging in to GMC Online then you can contact the GMC Online team on 0161 923 6602.

If, after logging in to GMC online, the survey is not available please contact the Quality Admin team at