Pioneering New Course Developed with Local College

The Health Academy at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals has once again pioneered the way in education with the development of a brand new course in conjunction with Cardinal Newman College.

NHS Careers Plus is the first of its kind in the country and includes the study of the Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care at Cardinal Newman College, alongside a 2-day placement here at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.  

During the 2 day a week placement the students study the Care Certificate, receive training in basic nursing skills and then have the unique opportunity of being placed onto a ward and working alongside a Health Care Assistant can undertake tasks such as personal care, moving & handling and feeding.

A total of 16 students are currently on the course which began last September, with a further intake set for enrolment in September 2017.

NHS Careers Plus in conjunction with Cardinal Newman College

On completion of the course, students are guaranteed an interview with the University of Bolton to undertake an Adult Nursing Degree.

Health Care Assistant Training Officer, Joanne Moore who delivers the course, commented, “The feedback we have had has been really positive.  One of our Ward Managers said, ‘I cannot compliment the college or the students enough.  Both of our students are patient focused, understand their role within the team really well and utilise the paperwork to a high standard to ensure the patients care is delivered in a seamless way.’”

“It’s really encouraging to hear,” Jo continued, “as the students are extremely focused and keen to learn so the opportunity to then put it into practice is invaluable.”

For further information on the course, please contact Cardinal Newman College.