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Jessica Muchewicz

Level 3 Applied Sciences
Why did you choose to complete an apprenticeship at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals? I was already an existing member of staff at the Trust and my manager was keen for me to have the chance to progress in my career and because my qualifications were limited, I was put forward and given this opportunity to further them.

How has your time been at the Trust up to now? I thoroughly enjoy my role working in the laboratory and have gained so much knowledge and experience. I love the team I work with and enjoy the job I do – even if it is messing about with poo and wee!

Proudest achievements during your time as an apprentice? I am not the ‘conventional apprentice’ as I was already a full time member of staff. I was given the opportunity to undertake the apprenticeship to be able to progress in my career as my manager must have had faith in my ability. Since beginning the apprenticeship I have progressed to a higher band – I am now a Senior Medical Laboratory Assistant, which I would not be able to be if I was not on this course or going to complete it.

Plans after completing your apprenticeship? I have struggled with doing ‘school work’ again as it has been so long! I have not really thought about any further education after this, I am able to progress to a Band 4 with this qualification which I never dreamt of when starting this role. I probably won’t continue with any education; however I won’t rule it out completely.

Sam Anderton

Finance Apprentice
Why did you choose to complete an apprenticeship at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals? I had seen the apprenticeship on the Government Website and it had interested me as I knew of the amount of movement and room for development within the trust.

How has your time been at the Trust up to now? In the last 2 and half years, my time at the trust has been enjoyable and beneficial as I have been supported by my peers through all roles and teams I have been part of.

Proudest achievements during your time as an apprentice? During my time as an apprentice, my proudest moments have been passing my Level 3 AAT with Merit, building good relations with the wider Trust and contributing to the FSD Re-Accreditation of the Finance team.

Plans after completing your apprenticeship? Once I have finished my apprenticeship, I will look at moving up into a band 3 role in order to develop my knowledge and skills further.

Heather Bentham

Level 2 and 3 in Business Administration
Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals? I decided to complete an apprenticeship as I felt working in the NHS would be a great opportunity for me. When I first looked into it, it was obvious that there would be scope for me to gain great knowledge and experience of different things which would hopefully lead on to the next step in my career. The thought of earning a wage while learning was really appealing to me and I am so glad I chose this pathway as it has helped me to be where I am today. The experience I have gained has been invaluable and I would recommend it to anyone.

How has your time been at the Trust up to now? I started my apprenticeship straight away from leaving school when I was 16 so it was a big change for me when I started working at the Trust. I completed my first apprenticeship, Business Administration Level 2, in October 2012 which helped me in gaining a full time position as an Administration Assistant. Within this role I then went on to complete Business Admin Level 3 which helped me to build a strong skillset and really boosted my confidence. I thoroughly enjoyed my job and the people have always been so welcoming and supportive from all areas. After a few years I realised that I wanted to get into a management role so I applied to complete ILM Level 3 within the Trust. I really enjoyed completing these qualifications and this has helped me to gain my current position which is Education Support Manager within the Mandatory Education Team. It has been challenging at times but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

What is your proudest achievement while working at the Trust? I am proud of how far I have come over the years in gaining my current role. This wouldn’t have been possible without my apprenticeships as they gave me a brilliant start to my career. I never thought at 16 that I would be able to do what I’m doing now so I am very grateful for the opportunities that they have brought me.

India Bowles

Level 2 NVQ Business and Administration
Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals? I was 19 when I started my apprenticeship, I had finished college and for personal reasons had decided University wasn’t for me. I believed that an apprenticeship was a fantastic way of entering an organisation such as the NHS and would give me the vital skills and knowledge needed for my future career. It was also great to be earning a wage and meeting new people.

How has your time been at the Trust up to now? I have been in the Trust for over 5 years now; I commenced my apprenticeship in the Corporate Governance Team in 2014 and on completion secured a full-time position as Data Quality Administration Assistant in the Data Quality team where I enjoyed 3 fantastic years. In 2018 I decided to try and learn and achieve even more and moved into my current position of Governance & Risk Officer. In my current role I work closely with colleagues from right across the Trust, providing Datix training and supporting the management of Incident’s and Risks.

I feel that Lancashire Teaching Hospitals promotes development and there have been many opportunities for me to further my knowledge and develop my skills. I am excited to see where I will end up in the next 5 years and what new challenges I will face and overcome.

What are some of your proudest achievements as your time as an apprentice?  I received a distinction at the end of my apprenticeship which I was extremely proud of. I am nowhere near as shy as I used to be and have grown in confidence.  It’s the best decision I have ever made and I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t completed the apprenticeship.

Matt Rostron

Pre-Registration Pharmacy technician
Why did you choose to complete an apprenticeship at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals?

I was already working within the trust as a band 3 healthcare assistant so I was familiar with the trust as a whole before I applied. I was aware that LTHTR is a great trust and value those that put the work in, so once I had my foot in the door I wanted to begin a career within healthcare and an apprenticeship seemed to make the most sense without having to go back to university for another degree! Whilst completing an apprenticeship within the NHS you have the added bonus of getting paid whilst learning, which is a huge help.

How has your time been at the Trust up to now? Challenging at times but a very rewarding and never boring! I always go home feeling satisfied with my work and proud that I’m making a direct positive difference for someone.

Proudest achievements during your time as an apprentice? Making lasting friendships within the pharmacy teamTaking charge of certain rotas within the pharmacy department and completing these competently

Plans after completing your apprenticeship?

Staying within the trust and beginning my career within the pharmacy department at LTHTR.

Olivia Dymond

Level 2 and 3 Business Administration
Olivia, why did you decide to do an apprenticeship at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals?

I was studying A-Levels at college at the time I applied for my apprenticeship. I wanted to gain skills and qualifications whilst earning and working. I have always been a more ‘hands on’ person and prefer to learn whilst I do opposed to in the classroom. Being at college wasn’t for me and I wanted a change.


What did your apprenticeship look like?

I started my first apprenticeship in April 2016, Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship in the Placement & Student Support Team, working closely with Widening Participation & Learner Support. This meant I did a lot of work both in the community: visiting schools and colleges, going to careers events and out in the hospital helping co-ordinate work experience students. I also did a lot of administration: audio typing, filing and inputting data into spreadsheets.

I then moved over to the Education, Business & Operations Team for my Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship. Due to the nature of this team, my apprenticeship entailed a lot data inputting, facts and figures. Despite this being so different to my original plan, I am glad I experienced this as it helped give me a wealth of knowledge and experience I wouldn’t have otherwise gained.


What have you achieved since completing your apprenticeship?

Since completing my apprenticeship in April 2018, I secured a full time job in the Education, Business and Operations Team as a Business Administrator. My job entailed inputting data into spreadsheets, income reconciliation, supporting other education services such as the reception centre staff and events management team. I also contributed to the setup of DNA reporting for the centres and the management of implementing DNA reports and event packages and management.

In August 2019, I began my new venture back where my journey at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals back in the Widening Participation Team, now as a Widening Participation Tutor. As a full time member of staff, I am able to upskill to meet the demands of the service in my new role, which for me is extremely important as my whole professional life I have been studying towards qualifications and progression so is something I am passionate about.

Brittany Mollart

Level 4 & 5 Diploma in Education and Training
Brittany, why did you decide to do an apprenticeship at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals?

I decided to undergo my apprenticeship as I felt it was a good opportunity for me. Gaining both knowledge and a strong skill set from an early stage in my career I believed would put me in an indispensable position for the future as well as the added benefit of earning a wage and learning skills such as money management and personable skills which helped me in my social life as well, something you don’t get going to college.

How has your time been at the Trust up to now? 

My first apprenticeship in September 2013 was Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship.

Upon completion of my apprenticeship, I secured a full-time position as administrator in the Widening Participation Team where I have built up my professional career. I continued to climb the ranks further as I moved into my current position as a Widening Participation Tutor! As well as working my full time role, I have also been an ambassador for the Trust promoting apprenticeships and NHS careers in schools and colleges.

I have always loved to thrive and take on a challenge whilst I work, completing my Level 2 Business Administration, Level 3 PTTLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) and now my Level 4 & 5 Diploma in Education and Training. This means I am able to still earn and work as a full time member of staff but learn a whole host of new skills to make me the best version of my professional self.

What are some of your proudest achievements as your time as an apprentice?

I am proud of all the work I have done over my years at the trust, however when I won ‘Lancashire Apprentice of the Year 2015’ and ‘Preston’s College Apprentice of the Year 2015’ for outstanding contribution to my ambassador role.

From the Trust, I was also privileged to be awarded with the ‘Most Inspirational Person’ award at the Trust’s Our People Awards in 2016. This was a huge achievement for me to go up against some truly amazing people in the organisation and was recognised as the winner.