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At The Health Academy, we have an Award-winning, Ofsted rated ‘Good’ Apprenticeship scheme, one of only thirteen trusts in the entire country to hold such a position.

With years of experience across a myriad of both healthcare sectors and alternative professions, The Health Academy at LTH is a major training provider of apprenticeship programs.

As a registered training provider, The Health Academy at LTH delivers the Learning and Skills Mentor Level 4 programme and Senior Healthcare Support Worker (Level 3) to help employees develop professionally.

The programs offer a combination of on-the-job training, mentorship, and teaching which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Our Ofsted Results

LTH was subjected to an Ofsted Inspection in August of 2022. 

The Apprenticeship department was assessed thoroughly and the Inspectors were absolutely delighted with the results of LTH’s teaching, student well-being and facilities. 

Apprenticeship providers are assessed on a 4 point scale:

  • Grade 1 (Outstanding)
  • Grade 2 (Good)
  • Grade 3 (Requires Improvement)
  • Grade 4 (Inadequate)

Factors inspected include quality of teaching, learning and assessment; personal development, behaviour and welfare of learners; effectiveness of leadership and management.

Our results are exceptional, making us one of only THIRTEEN NHS education providers in the entire country to be awarded a ‘Good’ Provider, even less having ‘with outstanding aspects’.

About LTH, OFSTED had this to say:

“Apprentices are highly motivated and enthusiastic about their programmes. They demonstrate excellent attitudes to their learning. Apprentices are committed to their training to improve their knowledge, skills and behaviours for their patients and for their future roles within the healthcare sector. 

Apprentices become more confident in their job role as they develop their knowledge and skills in patient care. Practising skills in a simulated learning environment helps them gain confidence before applying practices in a clinical environment. Apprentices build resilience in managing the demands of their training programme and working in a busy hospital. 

Attendance across all apprenticeship programmes is high despite the ongoing pressures apprentices face as frontline care workers. Apprentices feel safe. They know who to report concerns to and the procedures to follow. Apprentices’ well-being and safety are checked frequently during review meetings and swift action is taken when concerns are raised.

Leaders have an ambitious vision and strategy to deliver high-quality training for their apprentices. They have a clear rationale for the apprenticeships they offer. Leaders and managers have reviewed and revised the curriculum offer to meet the local challenges of recruitment and retention of staff within the trust.”

Access our full OFSTED report, here.

Our Performance

The two Apprenticeships delivered by The Health Academy SIGNIFICANTLY exceed national performance measures set by the Department for Education (ESFA).

Our Learning and Skills Mentor Scheme (Level 4)  currently has an 81.9% pass rate, compared to the national average of 43.8%. Only recently we celebrated the graduation of our most recent cohort, two of whom passed with 100% in their End-Point assessment, an unheard of achievement in other facilities.

Similarly, our Senior Healthcare Support Worker carries equally strong results, with LTH boasting a staggering achievement rate of 82.1%, compared to the national average of 52.9%. In our most recent graduation scheme we also celebrated our first 100% End Point Assessment.

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