Newborn Life Support (NLS)

Resuscitation Council (UK) Accredited

Who should attend?

Staff as identified in the Trust's Risk Management Training Needs Analysis:

  • Consultant Neonatologists​
  • Neonatal ST3+
  • Neonatal nurses band 5/6/7/8
  • Community midwives
  • CDH midwives
  • Delivery Suite core midwives

How long does certification last?

Four years

Course fee

Internal candidates where this training is mandatory: (ie. employed by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

  • Consultants, Trust Doctors, FY1s and FY2s: no fee payable (though your study leave budget may be used).​
  • Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and anyone else employed by the Trust where this training is mandatory: no fee payable.

All other staff, including Clinical Attachments and Locum Doctors and external applicants: Fee is payable by the individual.  The fee is £160.

Learning Outcomes / Objectives:

  • To understand the principles of the management of resuscitation in new born infants during the first 10-20 minutes in a competant manner.
  • To allow candidates to learn fundamental skills in this management.


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