E-Advanced Life Support Course (e-ALS)

One day – e-Advanced Life Support Course (e-ALS)

E-learning with 1-day face-to-face course  
Resuscitation Council (UK) Accredited course

Who should attend?

Staff as identified in the Trust's Risk Management Training needs analysis: -

  • All core members of the adult cardiac arrest team
  • ED Consultants
  • ED ST3+ and SAS Grades
  • Anaesthetic training grades CT1 and above
  • CDH ICU Anaesthetists
  • Medical ST3+ and SAS grades
  • Medical ST1 and ST2
  • CCU nurses (both sites)
  • Anaesthetics Outreach Nurses
  • Night Practitioners (RPH site)
  • Night Nurse Managers (CDH site)
  • Nurse consultant critical care
  • MAU nurses Band 6/7
  • All medical and nursing Cardiac Catheter Lab staff
  • All foundation training doctors (by the end of FY2)
  • Clinical Physiologists working in Cath Lab and Pacing
  • Advanced Practitioners (interventional) in Radiography
  • ED nurses Band 6 and above CDH site only

How long does certification last?

Provider certification will be valid for four years Skills should be updated every six months for the cardiac arrest team

Course fee:

Internal candidates where this training is mandatory (employed by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS FT)

  1.  Trust Consultants, Trust Doctors, FY1s and FY2s: no fee payable through your study leave budget may be used.
  2. Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and anyone else employed by the Trust where this training is mandatory: no fee payable.

Application forms must be signed by your Clinical Director or Directorate Manager.

All other staff, including Clinical Attachments and Locum Doctors working at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS FT: fee is payable by the individual. The fee is £275. An application form must be completed.


e-ALS 1 day - Application Form 2017.docx [docx] 55KB