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Inter-Professional Experience (IPE) for Year 3 Medical Students

The Inter-Professional Experience (IPE) is available for all year 3 Medical students.

This experience offer students the opportunity to work a full shift for each placement in order to gain an understanding of multi-disciplinary teams and ward routines.

Under supervision, students can perform; – cannulation; venepuncture; blood sugar monitoring; observations and NEWS; urine dipstick; nose, throat and skin swabs, recognise, assess and treat pain.

Ultimately, this enhances students learning whilst promoting excellent patient care.

Foundation Year (FY) Link Scheme

The FY Link Scheme is currently available for all Year 5 Medical students. This scheme is about coaching rather than teaching. Coaching allows colleagues to facilitate learning for the student rather than simply providing the answer. Please see the FY Link Scheme Presentation for further information.

FY Link Scheme