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Foundation Year One protected teaching time is every Thursday from 2pm to 5pm. Foundation Year Two protected teaching time is every Tuesday from 1:30pm  to 5pm.

Throughout the year we will schedule into the teaching programme at least 3 ‘theme day’ teaching sessions which will be held from 09:30 – 5pm.

In addition to teaching from clinicians, the teaching programme will include mandatory training such as moving and handling practical sessions, simulation courses, peer led teaching, lessons learnt sessions and quality enhancement forums.

If you are unable to attend a teaching session you need to notify the Foundation Team in advance by emailing the FY mailbox.

Authorised absences from teaching would be annual leave, sick leave, study leave, zero day or nights.

Teaching Feedback forms are distributed during the session – please remember to put your names on these as they are used as your sign out register for the session. Your feedback and comments however will remain anonymous.

If you would like your feedback form back to scan and upload to your portfolio, please ensure that you tick ‘yes’ on the form to request your form and we will bring it to the next teaching session. If you do not tick ‘yes’ , the form will be put into the confidential waste.

If the teaching session is online, a feedback form link will be sent to you via the chat box during the teaching and also to your emails. You will have until midnight the following day to submit the teaching feedback. The feedback form is mandatory and is required as your sign out from the session. If you require your feedback form for your portfolio you will need to take a screenshot before you submit.