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We offer 2 weeks shadowing period for all new FY1s in the weeks leading up to your start day in August. The shadowing period is non-compulsory and unpaid, except for the Thursday – Tuesday of the second week. These 4 dates are compulsory and you will be paid to attend on these dates.

During the shadowing period we offer a chance for you to get to know the hospital and departments that you will be working in. Half of your time will be spent shadowing the current FY1’s and familiarising yourself with your new surroundings. The other half of your time will be spent in the Health Academy’s at Royal Preston Hospital, where we arrange sessions on topics that we think will be useful to you when you start your job and we also provide some time for you to complete the Trust’s compulsory core skills e-learning modules and IT training. At the end of shadowing we then hold a mandatory Foundation Doctors Induction day along with any compulsory training you will need to undertake before starting your first placement and any follow on training that may have been identified during the pre employment interviews.

Voluntary Unpaid Shadowing Period:

22nd July 2024 – 31st July 2024

Compulsory Paid Shadowing Period

1st August 2024 – 6th August 2024  (you will shadow in your first placement & will also include your Trust induction and all compulsory training elements e.g FLEX training, EPMA training, & ATSP)

Foundation Doctors Induction

Monday 5th August 2024


Shadowing Timetable Example

The following core skills modules need to be completed as part of your induction to the Trust. Time will be allocated in the afternoon of Trust induction & also throughout the Foundation Teaching Programme.

NHS Conflict Resolution

Information Governance

Equality Diversity & Human Rights

Fire Safety

Health Safety & Welfare

Infection Prevention Control Level 2

Moving and Handling Level 2

Awareness of Prevent (Preventing Radicalisation Level 3)

Resuscitation Adults Level 2

Safeguarding Adults Level 2

Safeguarding Children Level 2


Please send a copy of the certificate and/or a screenshot of the completed to the FY 

This is a mandatory NHS England requirement.