Foundation Year One Shadowing & Induction 2020

Welcome to Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Our aim is to make the transition from Year 5 to FY1 as easy as possible, and on this page you will find all the information required for your induction to LTHTr including the mandatory training required, a welcome pack and information from the Medical Workforce team. We will email you a copy of your shadowing timetable and IT access. 

Please ensure you complete the mandatory training and read through all the materials provided on the dates set aside on your timetable. We understand this is a lot of information for you to take in so the webpage will stay live for you to refer back to anything when needed. Once you start you will all be allocated a Trust email address. All Trust bulletins and updates will be sent to that address so please remember to access your emails.  

These are exceptional times and we would like to remind you all to look after yourselves and each other. We have a strong support network at the Trust and you can contact your Educational Supervisor, Clinical Supervisor, a member of the Foundation team or our Learner Support team at any time. All the contact details are provided on this page, but if you’re ever unsure of who to speak to you can always contact us at


FY1 Mandatory E-Learning for Induction

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are unable to hold face to face inductions. We therefore require you to complete the following mandatory e-learning via e-lfh as part of your induction. Time will be allocated in your shadowing timetable to complete LTHTr Mandatory Induction Modules. If you have already completed the modules as part of your FiY induction, please just forward me the original certificate rather than completing the module again. 

For all HENW Mandatory Modules, time back will be given througout the Foundation Teaching Programme. 

Once you have completed the modules please send the certificates to 

 Induction Modules:
LTHTr Mandatory Induction Modules on e-lfh - to be completed by 5th August 2020 - you will not be able to start your first placement if these modules have not been completed. LTHTr Mandatory Induction Presentations - please watch during your scheduled time in shadowing
Data Security Awareness 

Ruth Fleet - Pharmacy Induction

F1 induction part 1 

F1 induction part 2  

You will be required to watch both presentations. You will need to enable editing and play as a slideshow to access the audio.

Health Safety and Welfare Penny Page -  Pathology Presentation 
Equality and Diversity Sanchia Baines -   SHOT Presentation  
Fire Safety Dr Jumaa -  Infection Prevention and Control Presentation  
Infection Prevention & Control Level 1 Dr John Howells - Radiology Presentation
Moving & Handling Level 1 Dr Kate Stewart -  Palliative And End of Life Care Presentation 
Safeguarding Adults Level 2 Lauren Walker -  FY link Scheme  
Safeguarding  Children Level 2 Kelly Fielding -  Resus Services  
End of Life Care (on Blended Learning)  
QMED Training (on Blended Learning)  
EPMA Training (on Blended Learning)  


E-Learning Required for FY1 ARCP

HEE-NW Mandatory Modules on e-lfh to be completed by 21st August 2020 LTHTr Mandatory Modules on Blended Learning to be completed by 27th November 2020 LTHTr Mandatory Practical Modules to be completed by 27th November 2020
Infection Prevention & Control Level 2 Antimicrobial Resistance and Antimicrobial Stewardship Competency of Safe Blood Sampling for Transfusion
Preventing Radicalisation Level 1 & 2 Adult Sepsis Awareness Competency of Administration of Blood Transfusion
Preventing Radicalisation Level 3 Confirming NGT Position Using Chest X-Ray  
Preventing Radicalisation (Mental Health) Level 3 Delivering Very Brief Advice for Alcohol and Smoking  
Moving & Handling Level 2 Blood Transfusion Consent for Transfusion  
Resuscitation Level 1 Safe Blood Sampling for Transfusion  
Resuscitation Adult Level 2 Acute Transufsion Reactions  
Resuscitation Paediatric Level 2    
Resuscitation Newborn Level 2    
Conflict Resolution    


To access the modules please use the following link:

Blended Learning Modules can be found on the following link: