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Postgraduate Education

Welcome to the Postgraduate Medical Education 

As a team we are dedicated to working towards excellence in healthcare, education and training. 

We are located at Royal Preston Hospital in the Education Offices Block G (First Floor) next to the Health Academy Centres, and we are always on hand to help with any problems or queries you may have regarding your training.

We work closely with our Educational Programme Directors and our Clinical and Educational supervisors to ensure that we deliver high quality training and teaching programmes for all our trainees.

Our Postgraduate department offers training programmes for Foundation, GPST and Core Medical Trainees, as well as courses and support for SAS Doctors.



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LTHTr - A Great Place to Work

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We also have a video recruitment page where consultants have given their perspective of why choosing LTHTr is good for your career and what it is like to work for LTHTr:


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