Library Services Scoop Two Awards

The Library Services Team here at the Health Academy, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are celebrating having won two awards recently!

Partnership of the Year Award – Workforce and Education Awards

The Workforce and Education Awards take place every December and are an opportunity for teams to submit an application to celebrate their achievements of the last 12 months. The Library Services Team and Research & Innovation department entered the Partnership of the Year Award which they subsequently won!

The judges identified that this partnership had truly developed a common purpose with a clear alignment of goals which had recognised how the skill sets of two different teams could be brought together to support the care provided to our patients. The judges praised the partnership for doing something fairly unique in evaluating why people did not engage with their work rather than focussing on those already bought in.

Emily Hurt, Clinical Librarian commented, “We’re delighted to win this award. Library Services and the Research & Innovation department often have the same audiences, so it makes sense for us to work together to reach those staff members who could benefit from our services. We plan to keep developing our partnership with the overall aim of embedding a research culture across the Trust.”

Library and research partnership  

Library and Information Health Network North West Quality Improvement Award

The LIHNN Quality Awards aim to promote library and knowledge service innovations and projects across the North West, highlighting good practice which had a positive impact on service delivery or activity.

“The project we submitted is part of the partnership work the two departments have been undertaking to embed a research culture across the Trust,” said Emily Hurt, Clinical Librarian. “This project was a collaboration between a clinical librarian and a research nurse, tailoring and delivering information skills workshops to radiographers to help them engage with research. Working closely with staff, we found out what their development needs were and then provided a schedule of tailored workshops to fit those needs.”

Library and Information Health Network North West Quality Improvement Awar

If your department or staff group would be interested, then please get in touch to find out more: Emily Hurt, Clinical Librarian (, ext. 4763) Alison McLoughlin, Academic Research Nurse (, ext. 2031)

Further details of the resources we developed and information about the project: