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Evidence for Quality Improvement

The Library has created a guide which will take you through why evidence is important, how to get evidence, and how the library team can help you achieve these goals.

Download the guide here: Library Guide – Continuous improvement

We have also highlighted below a range of relevant books, eJournals, and useful publications and websites.


Useful publications

Quality improvement made simple: what everyone should know about health care quality improvement, The Health Foundation (2013)

The improvement journey: why organisation–wide improvement in health care matters, and how to get started, The Health Foundation (2019)

The spread challenge: how to support the successful uptake of innovations and improvements in health care, The Health Foundation (2018)

Building the foundations for improvement, The Health Foundation (2015)

Involving junior doctors in quality improvement, The Health Foundation (2011)

Quality improvement in hospital trusts: sharing learning from trusts on a journey of QI, CQC (2018)

Embedding a culture of Quality Improvement, The King’s Fund (2017)

Approaches to better value in the NHS: improving quality and cost, The King’s Fund (2018)

Making the case for quality improvement: lessons for NHS boards and leaders, The King’s Fund (2017)

Strategic quality improvement: an action learning approach, The King’s Fund (2016)

Improving quality in the English NHS: a strategy for action, The King’s Fund (2016)

Unlocking the potential: supporting doctors to use national clinical audit to drive improvement, RCP (2018)

Economic evaluation in quality improvement: a starter guide, Health Improvement Scotland (2020)

Using data to support change in clinical practice: a good practice guide, Royal College of Surgeons (2017)

A sense of urgency, a sense of hope: building a culture and system for continuous improvement, AQUA (2018)

Building capacity and capability for improvement, NHS Improvement (2017)

First steps toward quality improvement: a simple guide to improving services, NHS Improving Quality (2014)

Quality improvement: theory and practice in health care, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement (2008)

The How-to guide for measurement for improvement, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement (2017)

A guide to quality improvement tools, HQIP (2021)

Leading large scale change: a practical guide, NHS England (2018)

Guide to managing ethical issues in quality improvement or clinical audit projects, HQIP (2021)

Information governance in local quality improvement, HQIP (2020)

Quality improvement in surgery – basic principles, Royal College of Surgeons of England (2021)

A trainee’s guide to a quality improvement project, Royal College of Surgeons of England (2021)

Guide to involving junior doctors in clinical audit and quality improvement, HQIP (2020)

Useful websites

Emerald Insight

Improvement hub

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership