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Look after your health & well-being at the Library

We have a growing collection of books to help you relax and stay healthy. Whether you want to improve your mental health, live a healthier lifestyle, or find a new hobby, the collection has something for everyone.

We also have a large fiction collection to help you relax and unwind after a busy day working or studying.

Relaxation areas are also available in the Library if you need to take some time-out, including a dedicated Health & Well-Being room at Chorley Library.

These resources are available to ALL Trust employees and students on placement, and can be accessed 24/7 with your ID Badge.

Students in the library

eBooks – Click here for help in accessing the eBooks

If you can’t get to the Library, we have a collection of Health & Wellbeing eBooks which can be accessed online anytime, anywhere. The books cover issues such as stress and burnout.

All you need is an OpenAthens account – complete a short online form to register.


Leisure Reading Collection

Reading has many health benefits, including reducing stress-levels, improving feelings of anxiety, and helping you getter a better nights sleep. Our fiction collection covers a wide-range of genres such as crime, romance, historical and fantasy. We also have quick reads for busy lives and a range of non-fiction, such as biographies. You will find displays in both libraries to help you discover new books and find your next read.

Browse our Library catalogue to find books on the following fiction genres:

Well-Being Collection

Improve your mental health

Our Well-Being Collection has a wide-range of books full of practical and motivational advice to help you through difficult times. So if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed these books could help – learn new ways to cope with mindfulness techniques, self-care, and more.

We have also created some useful reading lists on common mental health issues and topics:

Anxiety Grief Healthy Living
Low Mood Menopause Mindfulness
Sleep Stress

Health, Fitness, and Nutrition

Our Health & Well-Being Collection also aims to help you stay physically healthy, with books on health conditions, healthy eating, and exercise. Did you know exercise can also improve your mental health, by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood, and improving your self-esteem?

We have also created some useful reading lists on healthy eating and living:

Healthy Eating Healthy Living Physical Activity

Sports, Hobbies & Interests

Having hobbies can enhance your life, help reduce stress, and improve your health. Our Health & Well-Being Collection has books to help motivate and inspire you to find a hobby, such as knitting, baking, gardening and walking.

Useful websites

Here are some useful websites if you or someone you know is going through a difficult time:

Action for Happiness


Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Matters

NHS Mental Health & Wellbeing