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As a busy health professional, do you sometimes feel unable to keep abreast of the research evidence in your field? We can help you find evidence to support you in your work and provide training to help you find evidence for assignments, dissertations or other educational purposes.

If you need evidence to help with patient care, service improvement or development, guideline writing or research, you can order a search for evidence.

DynaMed is a clinical point of care tool that helps you to be confident in your practice and saves you time. It provides the busy clinician with key takeaways, targeted synopses, and clearly defined recommendations based on the best evidence and clinical expertise. DynaMed is a good tool to use when authoring guidelines. DynaMed is available as an app that can be downloaded to your device and used offline.  Find out more about DynaMed and evidence based medicine. You can find out how to access the DynaMed website and app here: Library Guide – Dynamed 2022.

BMJ Best Practice  is a clinical point of care tool structured around the patient consultation. It provides step-by-step guidance on symptom evaluation, treatment, follow-up and prevention.  It takes you quickly and accurately to the latest evidence based information, whenever you need it.  You can find out how to access the BMJ Best Practice app here: Library Guide – BMJ Best Practice 2022

You can also browse our databases page to find resources such as Anatomy TV, Medline, Embase, CINAHL, BMJ Best Practice, DynaMed and more.  If you wish to refresh your searching skills, then checkout our training page for more information.

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