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Looking for a specific journal article?

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Here are some useful tips on how to access journal articles online:

Register for an OpenAthens account

Having an OpenAthens account is key to accessing 100s of journals online. You can use your OpenAthens username and password to access journal articles at work, at home, or “on the go”.

You can register for an account quickly and easily by completing a short online form. We recommend you register on a Trust computer and using your Trust email address. When you submit your form you will receive an email with instructions on how to set a password and activate your account. Once activated, you can use your login detail to access 1000s of journals articles online.

Watch our video below for instructions on how to register for an OpenAthens account, or see our guide on OpenAthens.

Add the LibKey Nomad Browser extention 

LibKey Nomad browser extension gives you fast, one-click access to journal articles. It is easy to install and will make it much quicker to access the Library’s subscribed journals when searching websites such as Google and PubMed.

Watch our video below for instructions or see our guide on LibKey Nomad.

Find articles using the Knowledge and Library Hub

If you have the title of a specific article, or you need articles on a specific topic/condition, you can use the NHS Knowledge & Library Hub for quick access to journal articles. See our guide Find Journal Articles Quickly on the KLHub for more information.

Search for articles by specialty using BrowZine

BrowZine is an online tool that allows you to easily browse the library’s current journal content. You can search for journals by title, subject or ISSN. You can also search the archive of our journals if you have the reference for a specific article.

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